10 Great Strawberry Jam Recipes

strawberry jam

With another strawberry season upon us, I thought I’d round-up some great strawberry jam recipes. I’ve included something for everyone, including small-batch, no-cook (freezer jam), honey-sweetened jam, pectin-free jam, sugar-free jam and even a bonus pickled strawberry recipe.

1. Classic Strawberry Jam (Canadian Living) – if you’re looking for a classic, cooked strawberry jam, this is a great one.

2. No Sugar, No Cook Strawberry Jam (Canadian Living) – perfect for those that don’t want to cook their jam and who are looking for a sugar-free strawberry jam option.

3. Strawberry Balsamic Black Pepper Jam (Canadian Living) – a great gourmet strawberry jam, with subtle flavours of balsamic vinegar and black pepper added. Perfect for gifts.

4. Roasted Strawberry Jam (Rock Recipes) – strawberry jam with a twist, by roasting the strawberries first.

5. Skillet Strawberry Jam with Vanilla (Dinner with Julie) – making jam doesn’t need to be complicated. This method shows how to do it in a skillet.

6. Small Batch Strawberry Jam (Yummy Mummy Club) – if you’re just looking for a bit of jam, try this small-batch version that you can just refrigerate and use up. No canning necessary.

7. Honey Sweetened Strawberry Jam (Simple Bites) – looking for a strawberry jam that’s made without white sugar? Try this recipe that’s sweetened with honey instead.

8. No Pectin Strawberry Jam (Minnesota From Scratch) – this version is made without the need for commercial pectin to set it.

9. Sun-dried Strawberry Strawberry Jam (Alice Waters via Victory Garden) – another twist on the usual, this recipe involves drying the strawberries in the sun before making them into jam.

10. Freezer Strawberry Jam (Life Made Delicious) – lots of people swear by freezer jam to maintain the summer fresh flavour of strawberries. Freezing the jam also means that jar canning is not necessary. This is a great recipe to try.

11. Pickled Strawberries – Pickling strawberries gives them a tangy, sour-sweet flavor that works well on meat-filled sandwiches, much like cranberry sauce.


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  1. I don’t like adding pectin either. I tried a new recipe over the weekend and it worked out great – rhubarb-apple jam. Check the blog for the recipe later this week! :)

  2. What a great list you have compiled, I love it. Jam is one of my favorite things to make. Thanks for including our recipe on your list :)

    • I love making jam as well, Stephanie. Loved your recipe, as I have a thing for no-pectin jams Will definitely try when strawberries are ready here.

  3. Thanks Erin Hope you get a chance to try it this strawberry season. Delicious and makes great gifts.

  4. What a great idea! I love the idea of a strawberry black pepper jam!! Can’t wait to try this one out this summer. Cheers!

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