10 Delicious Recipes for your Leftover Ham


Happy Easter! For anyone like me that will be dealing with a whole lot of left-over Easter ham tomorrow, I’ve collected up 10 delicious and creative recipe ideas for how to use it up.

ham cheese muffins1.Ham & Cheese Muffins – great grab-and-go snack muffins. (1/2 cup ham)
ham strata2.Ham & Asparagus Strata – ham cheese and asparagus together in an egg and bread base. (3/4 cup ham)
ham pea soup3.Split Pea Soup with Ham – hearty and healthy soup and a tasty option for left-over ham, especially if you have a bone! (1 cup ham)
braised peas ham4.Braised Peas with Ham & Eggs – a great supper idea, with all the components cooked in one pan. (1 cup ham)
ham onion quiche5.Ham & Caramelized Onion Quiche – a delicious flavour combination together in a classic quiche. (1 cup ham)
ham cheese scones6.Ham & Cheese Scones – beautiful savory scones, with cheddar cheese and ham. (1/2 cup ham)
eggs benedict7.Classic Eggs Benedict – don’t want to forget this classic, perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
ham alfredo8.Ham Alfredo Pasta – classic pasta alfredo with ham. (1/2 cup ham)
green eggs ham9.Green Eggs and Ham – not the Seuss classic, but a lovely dinner salad of arugula, eggs and ham.
hamambert panini10.The Hamembert – Ham, camembert cheese, arugula and jam panini. Yum!

10 leftover ham recipes

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out on the Split Pea Soup with Ham! The other recipes look so good, too; especially that Hamembert panini. (The name makes me chuckle.)

    • You’re welcome, Terri. You soup looks delicious and it’s where some of my left-over ham is going this week. I love the Hamembert, too :)

  2. Thank you for mentioning my quiche. :)

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