15 MORE Stir-Fry Sauce Recipes

15 MORE Basic Stir-Fry Sauce Recipes

Back a few years, I posted a collection of 15 Basic Stir-Fry Sauce recipes, with the thought that most of us don’t really need a complete stir-fry recipe – just the sauce. Since stir-fries are a great way to use up odds and ends of ingredients from our fridge, a quick reference of easy, stir-fry sauce recipes is just what we need!

Of course, every stir-fry is different in size, so take a look at the liquid amounts in each recipe below and consider whether it sounds like it will be enough for your stir-fry. If not, it’s easy to double/triple the ingredients, as needed.

Print this out or bookmark for handy reference, tweak to your liking and enjoy. I’ve also included a list of stir-fry tips at the end of this article that you might find helpful.


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  1. Love these and the sauces in the original article. Great when I have a lot of veggies to get rid of, or just need a quick healthy dinner. Just had the ginger one with a stir fry of beef, onions, red bell peppers, and assorted mushrooms. So good!

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