Cabbage Roll Casserole

cabbage roll casserole

I love Cabbage Rolls but I’m not too fond of actually making them. They are fiddly and time consuming. I’m more a dump everything in a dish and bake it kind of gal.

I saw this recipe in our local paper and thought it was just the thing. It has all the great flavours of cabbage rolls, without all the fuss.

Makes a quick and easy weeknight meal!

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  1. I also make this dish. It’s so comforting and tasty … yet not hard to put together. I love recipes like that!! :)

  2. Terrific recipe! I don’t use tomato soup I use tomato sauce,also I use mushrooms at times,here is the kicker Lean ground chicken or turkey is a great replacement for beef in fact my family prefer it,also I leave out the sugar…Vic

  3. I spread half a shredded cabbage on the bottom of my roast pan,then the meat rice mixture (same as you wud for cabbage rolls); then top with remaining shredded cabbage. Top with tomato juice, soup or v-8 juice whatever you prefer. Don’t forget the dill!

  4. use a very deep dish! the ingrediants fill a normal 9×13 glass dish with no room to spare.

  5. I can’t wait to try this. My Ukrainian grandmother (Baba) made a dish she called Lazy Cabbage Rolls, which I remember being a lot like this, including the tomato soup. Unfortunately she passed away 10 years ago and I never did get that recipe. Thanks!

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