Jen’s Favourite Caesar Salad

caesar salad

Over the years, Caesar Salad has come in and out of food “fashion” but as a huge garlic fan, it’s remained my favourite salad. Many, many years ago (like 20 years ago!), I ripped out a Caesar Salad recipe that was featured in a Chef’s Showcase column in the newspaper. This recipe was for the Caesar Salad at a restaurant called “Jennie’s” which was located then at 360 Queen St. E. in Toronto. I don’t think the restaurant still exists (I googled it and came up blank), but the faded and stained recipe lives on in my recipe box.

It’s absolutely the best Caesar Salad, where every part of it from croutons, to the bacon bits, tothe dressing is made from scratch! I’m documenting it here for safe-keeping (since I’ve misplaced the recipe several times already) and to share with anyone else who appreciates a really great Caesar Salad.


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  1. I too had torn out, from The Star’s the ‘Chef’s Showcase’reciepe, folded up and placed the page in my book of receipes…many moons ago. I often use it for family & friends summer gatherings and this morning, when I went to pull it out from my battered receipe files, it was gone! Figured someone out there may have had a better head on their shoulders and possibly blogged it or placed it on a web site… Thank you, thank you so very much Jen!!

  2. bestest food ever

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