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Last updated November 3, 2011

Are you a single-cup coffee lover? Whether you have a single-cup coffee pod machine or a Keurig K-cup machine, you know that keeping supplied with coffee isn’t usually as easy as a trip to the grocery store. If you are in Canada and looking to find out where you can buy coffee pods or K-cups online, you’ve come to the right place! See the list below, complete with current pricing, so you can comparison shop.

playfair coffee

Playfair Coffee

Coffee Pods: Reunion Island ($8/18pk or .44 cents per cup), Higgins and Burke ($8.50/18pk or .47 cents per cup), Distinctively Yours
K-cups: (phone orders or retail store only) – Timothy’s (Coffee and tea), Van Houtte, Green Mountain, Emerils, Tully’s, Celestial Seasonings Tea, Hot Chocolate.
Shipping cost: Free for orders over $60
Accepts Payments by: Credit Cards and PayPal

Playfair also sells tea pods, gourmet tea, espresso coffee, ground coffee, coffee beans and assorted coffee supplies and equipment via their online store or their physical store in Brampton, Ontario.

Personal Experience: Excellent, I have bought coffee pods from Playfair many times over the past couple of years. Great service and prices and super fast shipping. I love the quality and variety of the Reunion Island pods, in particular, French Roast, Privateer Dark and Espresso.

cultured coffee bean

Cultured Coffee Bean

Coffee Pods: Melita, Reunion Island ($7.50-$7.75/18pk or .42 cents per cup), Wolfgang Puck, Baronet ($8.50/18pk or .47 cents per cup), Molto
K-Cups: ($13.25 box of 18 or .74 cents per cup) – Emeril, Green Mountain, Newman’s, Timothy’s, Van Houtte, Tully’s, Bigelow (tea)
K-Cups Case Pricing ($129 box of 180 or .72 cents per cup)
Also: Tassimo, Nespresso and ESE Espresso, syrups, equipment and more.
Shipping Cost: FREE for orders over $59 or 5 boxes of K-cups
Accepts Payments by: Credit Cards and PayPal

Cultured Coffee Bean offers perhaps the widest selection of coffee and tea supplies, with a wide variety of both coffee pods and K-cups, as well as equipment, flavouring syrups and more! Definitely worth browsing their online store for any coffee and tea lover. No physical store but ships out of the Greater Toronto Area.

Personal Experience: Excellent. I have made many purchases from Cultured Coffee Bean over the past couple of years. Great selection and service, with a points system to save on future purchases. Cultured Coffee Bean is a great option for a wide selection of products for the coffee lover!


Timothy’s World Coffee

Coffee Pods: ($12.49/25pk or .50 cents per cup ) – Timothy’s Brand, variety of blends
K-Cups: ($17.45 box of 24 or .73 cents per cup) – Timothy’s Brand, variety of blends, Emeril’s
Also: Keurig machines, Ground Coffee, Tea and supplies
Shipping Cost: FREE on orders over $63.00
Accepts for Payment: Credit Cards for online orders (no PayPal)

Personal Experience: The coffee pods are very good. I tried the Parisian, Rainforest Espresso, Columbian, Breakfast Blend and the French Vanilla. Only the Columbian disappointed, as I found it a bit lacking in flavour and body. The others are excellent though and I would recommend any of them. Some, like the Breakfast Blend and French Vanilla, are better at 6 or 7oz. instead of 8oz. What would make Timothy’s better? A few more varieties, pods available in their retail stores and PayPal for checkout. They do have a great selection of K-cups however, and I’m sure they are equally good. For Keurig, an excellent choice to Shop online or visit one of their many stores for K-cups off the shelf.

vanhoutte coffee

Van Houtte

Coffee Pods: Van Houtte Brands, Wolfgang Puck, Bigelow Tea, Javanation
K-cups: ($17.45 box of 24 or .73 cents per cup) – Van Houtte Brand, 17 varieties including sampler pack
Also: Keurig machines, tea
Shipping Costs: FREE for orders over $45
Accepts for Payments: Credit Cards

Personal Experience: I haven’t tried any of these yet but Van Houtte coffee is a large coffee supplier so I expect they are quite good. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a sampler pack for pods, which I’ve discovered is handy, so you don’t end up with a lot of a coffee that you don’t like. They do offer a K-cup sampler pack though, so worth looking at to sample the different varieties. Van Houtte accepts Visa or Mastercard for payment and, like Timothy’s, could benefit from the addition of PayPal as a payment option.

cafe breville coffee

Cafe Breville

K-cups Only: – coffee, tea, hot chocolate
K-cup Brands ($13.59 box of 18 or .75 cents per cup) – Green Mountain, Newman’s Own, Timothy’s Tully’s, Van Houtte, Celestial Seasonings (Tea), Twinings (Tea)
Shipping Costs: FREE on orders over $100.00 *(Except Territories). $7.99 shipping cost on orders up to $65
Accepts for Payments: Credit Cards

Cafe Breville has a nice selection of K-cup brands as well as brewers. They accept Visa and Mastercard for payment. Minimum order for free shipping is one of the higher ones.

esc coffee


K-cups: ($15.75/24pk or .66 cents per cup) Timothy’s, Emeril’s, Green Mountain, Tully’s, Diedrich, Coffee People, Gloria Jeans, Newman’s Own, Caribou, Van Houtte
Coffee Pods: (Reunion Island $9.99/18pk or .55 cents per cup), Wolfgang Puck), ESE Espresso Pods,
Also: Tassimo, Illy Espresso Capsules, Dolce Gusto,Brewing Machines, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly, KOO Tea, Beans
Shipping Cost: FREE FedEx shipping on orders over $100

Over 150 different types in stock and growing, Keurig machines as well as coffee pods and beans. Online sales via their website. Retail store is open to the public for direct purchases located at 5035 North Service Road Unit C3, Burlington, Ontario. Sounds like they have a wide selection of products, so would be worth the drive, if you’re close enough. Lots of great comments (below) on the selection/pricing and great customer service so you can shop with confidence.



Coffee Pods: Organa (Tea), Reunion Island ($8.98/18pk or .50 cents per cup)
Also: Tassimo, Dolce Gusto, Teas and Syrups
Shipping Cost: FREE on orders over $59.99

Based in Calgary, Alberta, SingleCup.ca offers an impressive variety of K-cups! With free shipping and competitive pricing, it’s well worth checking out for Keurig users. If you live in or near Calgary or Edmonton, you can find information about their retail store locations here.

tweed and hickory coffee

Tweed and Hickory

Coffee Pods: Kienna
K-Cups: ($15.99 for box of 24 or .67 cents per cup) – Timothy’s, Emerils, Van Houtte, Bigelow, Gloria Jean, Diedrich, Coffee People, Celestial Seasonings (Tea), Twinings (Tea) and sample packs
Also: Flavour syrups, tea, Dolce Gusto,Mighty Leaf. Tassimo
Payment Accepted: Credit Cards and PayPal
Shipping Cost: FREE on orders over $150 or $9.99 flat-rate shipping under that.

Tweed and Hickory has a nice selection of K-cups at a good price but unless you’re willing to buy over $150 worth, the shipping cost of $9.99 will drive the cost up a bit so be sure to factor that in when comparing prices. There are store-fronts available in Ontario and Eastern Canada. You can see the list of retail stores here, where you would be able to pick up some K-cups off the shelf.

Vancouver, B.C. Phone K-cup orders in or walk-in 604-324-1335. They carry Starbucks, Green Mountain, Timothy’s, Gloria Jeans, Coffee People, Tully’s and more. Teas, syrups

Kienna Coffee
Calgary, Alberta. Coffee Beans, Coffee, Espresso and Tea Pods Only. Phone Orders 1-866-295-2241

Fancy Coffee Services
Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Phone Orders for Coffee Pods 506 – 392 – 2777

Physical Store Locations for Pick up of K-Cups: If you live in a centre that has any of the following stores, you’ll find a selection of K-cups:
Bed Bath & Beyond
Boutik Electrik
Centre du Rasoir
Future Shop
Home Outfitters
Linen Chest
London Drugs
Personal Edge
The Bay

There is a lot of information and user experience in the comments section below, so be sure to read that as well.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I received no money (or coffee :) for listing anyone. Any opinions expressed are my own and while I try to be as accurate as possible, I can’t take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information presented. (I will make corrections/clarifications upon request, so just let me know in the comments).

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  1. You’re welcome Lorraine. Enjoy your new Keurig!

  2. Thank you so much for the information on where to purchase the K-cups. I just received a Keurig Brewer last week as a birthday gift. I couldn’t seem to get any information on the shippping charges.

  3. Good point about the pod sizing, Neil. I’ve not encountered this with the Bunn but I know it has a larger pod holder than some other machines.
    As for the GST, I’ve had a hit or miss experience with US orders on this. Of 3 shipments, two had no taxes added on but one did. Seems like it totally depends on who looks at it at the border.

  4. One quick note. There is no GST r PST on coffee pods, so if you are buying in Canada, keep this im mind. Also, be careful which pods you buy. Some do not fit with all machines.

  5. Just what I was looking for… thanks! I’ll probably be going with the k-cups, but was having difficulty finding some good places to get the cups from (they’re $16 @ Timothy’s!).

  6. Thanks Carolyn. I’ve heard very good things about the new Cuisinart machine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I have to say, my Bunn has almost broken me of my Timmies habit ;) If you ever need some advice on which pods to try, drop me a line and I’d be happy to let you know which ones we’ve especially enjoyed.

  7. What a useful and informative site!
    I drove to the US to get my husband a Cuisinart Cup-o-matic coffee maker, but was disappointed at all the trouble in finding those elusive pods. Thanks for your info. You saved me a lot of time.

  8. Marisa, there are no Pods that will deliver Lattes or Caps. There are pseudo espresso pods (such as Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso Pod) that will deliver a strong cup of coffee, but the basic pod machines are not the steam pressure type like dedicated espresso machines.
    The only machine that can deliver Lattes or Caps is the Tassimo, but it uses those disk things and each Cap uses 2 discs, so it’s pretty expensive. It also uses shelf-stabilized milk to deliver the froth and some people think it tastes “off”.
    My solution … I use the Bunn to make a strong cup (only run 4 oz of water through the pod) and then I heat skim milk up in the microwave and froth it myself with a $10 wand frother. Works like a charm!

  9. I have a question, I would love to find PODS of cafe latte, cappuccino, and espresso.
    Is there such a thing out there in the POD coffee world. If so can you tell me where I would go to get them.
    Thank you

  10. Great article on pods/kcups

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