Forty-Something Fabulous Biscotti Recipes


It’s no secret that I’m a very enthusiastic coffee drinker. I think the only thing that can make coffee better is a great big piece of biscotti to dunk in to it! What is not to love about biscotti? It is often lower in fat and sugar than other treats. It can be made in a wide variety of flavours. It keeps a long time and it makes a wonderful homemade, holiday gift for friends and family.

I’ve collected quite a variety of biscotti recipe links that I thought I would share here. I haven’t made them all yet. But I’m working on it ;)

Forty-Something Fabulous Biscotti Recipes

1. Chocolate Dipped Almond and Orange Zest Biscotti (Cooking for Engineers)
2. Cranberry and Blueberry Biscotti (Apple and Spice)
3. Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti (Joy of Baking)
4. Snickerdoodle Biscotti (RecipeZaar)

6. Double Chocolate Pecan Biscotti (RecipeZaar)
7. Starbucks Lemon Tipped Biscotti (RecipeZaar)
8. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti (Joy of Baking)
9. Cappuccino Biscotti (Joy of Baking)

11. Ginger Almond Biscotti (Simply Recipes)
12. Banana Nut Biscotti (Kicked Up Cookie Recipes)
13. Peanut Butter Chocolate Biscotti (RecipeZaar)
14. Brownie Biscotti (All Recipes)

cranpistach.jpg 15. Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti (All Recipes)

16. Chocolate Cherry Biscotti (All Recipes)
17. Gingerbread Biscotti (All Recipes)
18. Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti (All Recipes)
19. Apple Biscotti (

cinhazel.jpg 20. Cinnamon Hazelnut Biscotti (All Recipes)

21. Spring Biscotti (All Recipes)
22. Double Chocolate Biscotti (All Recipes)
23. Double Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti (Visual Recipes)
24. Chocolate Cherry Biscotti (Epicurious)

raspchip.jpg 25. Raspberry Almond Chip Biscotti (Very Best Baking)

26. Sicilian Orange Nut Biscotti (Epicurious)
27. Molasses Hazelnut Biscotti (Epicurious)
28. Cinnamon Espresso Chip Biscotti (Epicurious)
29. Pumpkin Pecan Biscotti (Epicurious)

31. Parmessan Black Pepper Biscotti – try with wine and cheese! (Epicurious)
32. Coconut Bliss Biscotti (Epicurious)
33. Anise-Almond Biscotti (Epicurious)
34. Candied Orange Peel Biscotti (Brownie Points)

36. Favorite Chocolate Biscotti (Novice Baker)
37. Almond Apricot Biscotti (Epicurious)
38. Chocolate Orange Biscotti (Epicurious)
39. Dried Cranberry and White Chocolate Biscotti (Epicurious)

apricot.jpg 40. Apricot Macadamia Biscotti (Canadian Living)

41. Mosaic Biscotti (Ms.Adventures in Italy)
42. Macadamia Milk Chocolate Biscotti (Canadian Living)
43. Cherry Biscotti (Canadian Living)
44. Jewelled Biscotti (Get Cooking)
45. Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti (Epicurious)
46. Biscotti with Lavender and Orange (My Recipes)
47. Banana Bread Biscotti (Cookie Madness)


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  1. What a great list and great site. I found you while looking for The Five Roses Gingercake recipe. That makes you a lifesaver, and now this!! I will definitely be checking out more of your recipies in the future.
    Many thanks from northern Alberta.

  2. Hi Dorothy. I don’t recall if I’ve made that one yet or not but I did go and look at the recipe. Very little fat, for sure. I even checked the original Gourmet recipe and the only difference is that it called for just an egg yolk instead of a whole egg. They would certainly be crunchy without extra fat. I know it’s not much help now that you’ve made them but perhaps cooking less might make for a softer biscotti. But you can still dunk. That will soften them up ;)

  3. did you make the joy of baking cappuccino biscotti..there is no butter of oil aren’t they hard as rocks…help

  4. I agree totally that is the best friend of coffee. A very good biscotti with a black coffee . It made me want one immediately when I have a view over the delicious list of recipes you gave.

  5. hi, thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes, they are really magnificent.A++

  6. I have been looking for Biscotti recipe and every other site that I have gone all have the same recipe pretty much but this site there is something for everyone on my christmas list.

  7. Thanks for the link, Bibliochef. I enjoyed your interview! It’s always fun to read about how people take their passions and translate them in to business. Wish I was closer so I could try some of them!

  8. Hiya. I love the list of biscotti recipes; I just inerviewed a woman who started her own biscotti making business onmy blog, Cooking with Ideas, at Stopby and see what she has to say — and let her know via hte blog what you think?
    Thanks, Bibliochef

  9. You’re welcome, Nanook (love your name! :)
    I’ve got a batch of the Double Chocolate one cooking right now. Smells marvelous!

  10. Oh thank you for all the links!
    I’m actually looking for a third recipe to make on top of the white chocolate cranberry and a almond toffee one (though I may substitute pecans).
    I’m getting hungry just scrolling down the page!

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