Nigella’s Breakfast Bars

I have always wanted to make my own granola-type bars and when I stumbled on Nigella’s Breakfast Bar recipe recently, I was determined to give it a try. In the process, I discovered a couple of things. First, condensed milk in Canada doesn’t come in a 14oz. can (at least not in my grocery store), so I bought 2 8oz. cans and, rather than waste, I just increased the oatmeal slightly to compensate. Secondly, I discovered these are really great bars, that keep well and actually taste better the second and third day! Now honestly, I don’t think condensed milk is the lowest calorie/fat product on the block, but it’s a lovely base for this bar and there is a lot of other good stuff in there to more than compensate, I think.

Not only that, this is a great base recipe that can be customized to anyone’s tastes very easily, so you can go nuts (no pun intended) at the bulk food store and pick up all kinds of dried fruits, seeds, nuts, chocolate chips etc. that you like and then just experiment at will.

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