Beaver Tail-Shaped Fried Pastries

beaver tails

I have eaten many a Beaver Tail™ but have never tried to make something similar at home. Until now. And I’m wondering what took me so long! For the uninitiated, Beaver Tails™ are sort of like an oblong-shaped, flat donut. Basically fried dough. Beyond that, they can be topped with sugar, icing, chocolate, jam, pie filling, cinnamon or just about any other topping (I’ve seen banana split beaver tails!).

Note: This recipe is my own version and does not reflect the official trademarked recipe for Beaver Tails&trade

Aside: When I was looking around on the internet to see if the recipe that was forwarded to me was representative of the other beaver tail recipes out there, I came upon a recipe that was clearly for actual beaver tails. Um … gross. Just to be clear, I’m taking about a sinful, yeast-based, donut-like, decadent treat here. No animals will be harmed in the making of this sweet delight :)


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  3. This Recipe ia amazingly good
    Tastes gooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  4. like omg this recipr hjvbd jd is amzing

  5. Thanks Martine. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. This site is absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for these delicious recipes!

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