Beef Bourguignon


Beef Bourguignon … such a fancy name for beef stew! I think the fancy name fools people in to thinking that this is a complicated dish to make. This version does require a little planning ahead though by marinating the beef overnight before making (a step that Food & Drink recommends not skimping on, as it really makes the beef “exceptionally tender”).

This dish can be made even easier by making use of left-over boiled potatoes (or by microwaving them instead of boiling). Peeling the pearl onions can be a bit of a pain, but I think well worth it for this dish. To prepare the pearl onions, boil for 2 minutes then remove to a bowl of ice water. Once cooled, cut off the root end of the onion and then squeeze the other end to slide the skin right off.

This recipe is from the Winter 2008 Food & Drink (from the LCBO people here in Ontario) and think it will make a perfect January weekend meal!

From Food & Drink Winter 2008 | Photo

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  1. So glad it was a success for your special occasion, Mary and thanks so much for coming back to let me know :)

  2. Hi there! I just had to send you my review of your Classic Beef Bourguignon. I made it for a Father’s Day party and it was a HUGH success!! Everyone loved it, bar none!! It was, admittedly, a fair bit of prep to get it in the casserole for baking but totally worth it!! Thank you for sharing this yummy comfort food with us!
    Mary Fraser

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