Semi Dried Tomatoes

semi dried tomatoes

I have always loved sun dried tomatoes but have just recently developed a fondness for semi dried tomatoes, as well. Unlike sun dried, semi dried tomatoes are really easy to make at home to use in any number of ways. And besides being really tasty and useful, these tomatoes are really good for you, too!

I’ve detailed the method for making your own semi dried tomatoes at home, as well as linking up some great recipes for using them. The nice thing is that they use Roma (plum) tomatoes, which are available year-round in grocery stores.

Recipes for your Semi Dried Tomatoes:

Here are some specific recipes for using Semi Dried Tomatoes, but they are great added to any dish that uses tomatoes, like spaghetti sauce or chili or added to just about any pasta dish for colour and flavour.



Quick Pizza Margherita

(Just substitute the regular plum tomatoes for semi dried tomatoes)


Semi Dried Tomatoes


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