Sticky Toffee Pudding

sticky toffee pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is one of my favourite desserts, especially during the winter, when warm and sugary really hits the spot. Sometimes called Sticky Date Pudding, this is a classic dessert and one of those treats that almost everyone is sure to like. (Probably best not to mention the “dates” part to any person under 16 though ;).

This recipe bakes into a sheet cake but if you’re planning to make this for a special event, try baking individual cakes in a fancy cake pan and serve warm with whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream) and toffee sauce drizzled over it.

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  1. So glad it was a hit, Jill! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Tried this recipe as my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. A hit with everyone aged 3 to 50! Thanks – it’s a keeper!

  3. So glad you enjoyed it and good to know it is just as yummy with Splenda, too!

  4. I tried this recipe using Splenda’s Brown Sugar Blend (my dad’s diabetic) and mixed a few chopped walnuts into the batter and it turned out excellent. Will definitely be using again. The whole family loved it!

  5. Hi Kirsteen. Poking the holes in it allows the caramel sauce to soak into the cake (rather than just sit on top).

  6. Just wondering: what’s the significance of poking holes in the sponge?

  7. Yes Liz, you could make both the cake and the sauce ahead and keep separately. Re-warm the sauce, then just poke holes and put sauce on just before serving.

  8. Hi – can the cake be made ahead of time? Liz

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, Natalie. It’s one of my families favourites, too!

  10. I made this recipe and it was really good. It’s a keeper for my family.

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