Stove Top Creamy Rice Pudding

rice pudding

One of the reasons for keeping this food blog, is to keep track of the tried and true recipes that I have gone back to time after time. This rice pudding recipe is one of them.

I love rice pudding and I have tried quite a few recipes. This stove top version is lovely and creamy and perfect comfort food. Be sure to cook the rice until tender. Taste often to be sure. This pudding will thicken as it cools in the fridge, so don’t worry if it seems thin when it’s done. As you’re basically making a custard, be sure to cook only until heated after adding the eggs. Don’t let it boil of you might have a pot of scrambled eggs.


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  1. Hey this recipe looks great and am dying to try it. I was just wondering i fyou can use jasmine rise or would the texture not work?

  2. So glad you enjoyed it Catherine!

  3. Like some of the other readers, I have tried many recipies for rice pudding. Two of my sons had major surgery removing eight teeth and some bone. I pulled this recipe out having printed it off a while ago. My kids all agreed this is the best. Thanks so much, I also passed it onto a friend who tried afew as well, and is also thankful

  4. Hi Pam, How long did you simmer it? Is the rice fully cooked? (Not hard in the middle?) I’m not sure what might be the issue. It shouldn’t be firm, per se. Baked rice pudding is firm but stove top should be creamy (but not “soupy”). My suggestion is to leave it in the fridge overnight. The rice will absorb some liquid as it cools and sets up. If it’s still really runny in the morning, you could try cooking it down a bit more. Hope that helps.

  5. I followed this recipe exactly. My pudding came out so loose and thin. I have it in the refrigerator to see if that helps, but I just checked on it (its been in there an hour) and it is still loose. I thought pudding was suppose to be a bit firm, not hard, but creamy and much firmer. Any way of fixing this??

  6. i have been trying rice pudding recipes for years looking for perfection. this is it!
    thanks for sharing…
    So glad you enjoyed it, Kristin! You’ve reminded me I need to make some of this again soon :)

  7. So glad your family enjoyed it, Celine. Merry Christmas!

  8. I’ve made this creamy rice pudding recipe and everyone loved it! I was even asked to make this for the whole family for Christmas dinner. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, this is definitely a keeper!

  9. I sent an email reply to Sue but for the benefit of anyone else wondering, the cream goes in at the end, with the eggs, vanilla and salt (I also clarified the recipe to indicate this.)

  10. Looks like a good recipe but I’m not clear on the instructions. 6 cups of milk and 1 cup whipping cream. Do you cook the rice, milk and whipping cream together? I don’t see anywhere on the instructions what to do with the whipping cream. Thanks

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