Make Your Own Iced Tea

iced tea

I just got back from a vacation in the southern U.S.A. where I enjoyed some hot weather and lots of southern iced tea. I must confess, like most Canadians, my exposure to iced tea has been mainly of the canned Nestea™ variety, so the real thing was a pleasant new experience for me. Now that I’ve discovered it though, I plan on leaving the cans behind and making my own iced tea this summer.

While in Savannah, Georgia, we had lunch at the famous Wilkes House, where I picked up her cookbook on the way out. Here is Mrs. Wilkes’ Iced Tea recipe, along with my slight modifications to suit my taste.

(Also check out my recipe for Citrus Iced Green Tea and if coffee is more your thing, How to Make Iced Coffee at Home).


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  2. So good and so refreshing!! Since I discoved this recipe I make it every week!

  3. Mint is great to add!

  4. Can i add calamansi instead of lemon?

    • I don’t see why not. Any citrus is lovely in iced tea. May give it a slightly different flavour profile, but as long as you like the flavour of calamansi, you’ll be good.

  5. This was amazing, so tasty and refreshing. thanks for a great recipe!

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  8. Thanks. I have company coming from u.s. and all she likes is ice tea. Great.

  9. Great recipe! Very simple and enjoyable refreshment.

  10. Hi Shey, I think the juice from 1/2 a lemon would be about 2 Tbsp. of bottled lemon juice. You can always add more from there, to taste.

  11. how much lemon juice would you use if not using real lemons??

  12. Hi Jazmine. I think you could try substituting a mild-tasting honey.

  13. can i replace sugar with syrup?

  14. Sounds nice, Kat. Thanks!

  15. For a less sugary iced tea I recommend a 1/4 cup of honey.

  16. excellent and easy recipe!! I added sliced limes to mine and it was very refreshing also i opted to replace a cup of boiling water with a cup of ice to cool it faster amazing!!! Thanks

  17. awesome thanks!

  18. You’re welcome Jezz. Enjoy your iced tea!

  19. Thanks man! A refreshing yet simple ice tea recipe :) All I needed to know was on this site :)

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