Peppy Tomato Salsa


This recipe, from the September 1992 Canadian Living magazine, has been my go-to recipe for home made tomato salsa for years. The suggested variation allows me to make it sweet or hot as I like (I usually make a bit of both).

Make this salsa when tomatoes and peppers are plentiful and cheap (August and September, in my area) and you’ll have a ready supply of great salsa all year long!


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  1. So glad I could help, Deb. That’s one of the main reasons I keep this site – so I never lose my favourites – and of course, to share with others :)

  2. I have th original reciepe from the magazine 1992 or earlier. It has been copied, doubled, trippled and used every year. The best salsa ever. I washed the receipe last year and had to search for a new copy this year to make.

  3. So glad you all enjoyed it, Brenda and you’re right, tis the season! It’s on my list to make in the next couple of weeks :)

  4. A little late, but tis the season. Last year, I made this recipe (in triplicate) – it was my first attempt at making salsa. It was a huge hit!!! It is back at the top of the list for this year, along with requests for referrals from friends of my daughter!!! Thanks.

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