Citrus Iced Green Tea

citrus iced tea

I love this iced tea! It has all the goodness of green tea with a boost of citrus juice makes a perfect summer drink and it’s just so pretty, too.

You can vary up the citrus, depending on your taste. Use a variety or just one kind. Note that it is best to make this in small batches, as the citrus won’t keep indefinitely in the tea, without beginning to disintegrate. I make just enough for a day or two.

(If you like Iced Tea, I have a recipe for regular Iced Tea, as well).


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  2. Served this at a luncheon. Everyone loved it! The sugar syrup recipe enabled me to make the tea with warm water (sun tea) instead of boiling, helpful since I had to make 2 gallons.

  3. Wow, this is a great and simple recipe. I love Iced tea so will definitely try this out.

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