Dill Pickle Relish


I like to do a little preserving so I’m always on the look out for new and different things to try. I spotted this recipe in the September 2008 Canadian Living magazine and since pickling cucumbers are in the stores now, gave it a try.

This relish, that tastes like chopped dill pickles would be great on a hamburger or to add into potato salad etc., so it’s really versatile as an ingredient as well as a condiment.

Source: Canadian Living, September 2008 | Photo

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  1. You are an angel! I do alot of canning since we have our own garden and I’ve become so leary of preservatives and such. Being able to make my own and can it means I know what’s in what my family gets. Thank you so much!

    • No problem. My Mom has been doing her own jams and pickles for years, so she has a ton of tried and true recipes. If you ever need any others, just let me know :)

  2. Made this and found that as it sits, the flavor gets better. Now, if you can just point me in the direction of a sweet relish that actually has some flavor, I’d be tickled. The recipe I have is a bit bland.

    • Yes, I found the same thing. As for the sweet relish, my Mom makes a great one. I’ll get the recipe from her and send it on to you (might take a couple days, as she only checks her email once a day :) I’ll send it on to you once I get it.

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