Banana Bread

banana bread

This banana bread is so good, I let my bananas get over-ripe on purpose just so I can make it. It’s really moist and yummy! I’ve also included an optional crumb topping that I like to add once in a while, for when I’d like a little crunch with it.

Let your bananas get really, really ripe for the best banana flavour.


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  1. WOW! I was spending a boat load of money buying banana bread at the ski hill and decided to try your recipe and start making my own. I think i’m in love! Very delicious.

  2. So glad you enjoyed it, Julie and Cait. It’s a favourite in my home, as well!

  3. Ohh wow!! This has kicked the old yucky banana bread out of the family cook book – I have never heard people moan about anything as much as they do for this it is AMAZING!

  4. Jen, I tried this recipe today – awesome! The only thing I did differently was I baked 8 mini-loaves for about 25 minutes instead of one big loaf. These are very tasty little treasues! Thanks!

  5. You’re welcome, Fiona. So glad you’re enjoying it. I just made a loaf myself this week!

  6. Just wanted to say thanks… I have made this banana bread a few times now and it is always delicious! It’s replaced my old favourite recipe.

  7. Thanks so much, Lissa :)

  8. Jen, I have to tell you I love your site! You are tagged on my favorites and then…. I found this banana bread and I had to create a favorite page just for this! Great job once again.

  9. So glad you enjoyed it Joanne. I love the crumb topping a lot, as well!

  10. Just had to post and say that I have made a ton of banana bread, and haven’t found one that I have really liked until now. This is a great recipe moist flavorful and the crumb topping just adds that extra little bit. So thank you for posting this one :)

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