Cheddar Cheese Bread

Last week I did Seven Days of Soup, so I got to thinking that I should add something that goes nicely with soup. And is easy. And is yummy.

This Cheddar Cheese Bread is a quick bread, meaning it is made without yeast. As such, it’s more like a biscuit in loaf form, but it’s a quick and easy accompaniment to any soup. Use an old cheddar for added flavour and and orange cheddar to add some colour to the loaf. Serve warm with a bit of butter.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Jane. It’s a nice quick bread!

  2. Another snowy day in Southwestern Ontario and needed to bake. I chose this Cheddar Cheese Bread and it came out beautiful. A nice texture and lots of flavour. Great recipe, and will definately make again.
    Thanks for this recipe!!!

  3. Well, I have prepared the batter and it’s in the oven now. Let’s hope for the best! The batter turned out quite sticky and dense, so I hope it softens up a bit in the oven as the cheese melts…

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