Korean Bibimbap


I’ve been on a bit of a Korean kick lately. One of my favourite dishes at our local Korean restaurant is Bibimbap. The word literally means “mixed meal” – a mixture of meat, rice and vegetables with a bit of spicy Gochuchang Paste, served in a hot bowl and usually topped with an egg. To eat, simply mix everything together to blend all the flavours.

The recipe I use when I make it at home is based on a Food Network recipe, that I have adapted to my taste.

This is a favourite weekend recipe, when I have time in the mid-day to start the meat marinating. Note that authentic Bibimbap is serve with a raw egg on top that, when stirred in with the hot rice in a hot bowl, cooks. Since I don’t have stone bowls and my rice and veggies aren’t piping hot, I prefer to cook the egg slightly before adding it to the dish.

If you’re a purist, just break an egg on top of hot vegetables and rice and stir in..


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