Cheddar Biscuits (Like Red Lobster’s)

cheddar biscuits

It’s been ages since I’ve eaten at Red Lobster but the memory of those yummy Cheddar Biscuits lives on. Since I was making a hearty, healthy soup for dinner (recipe tomorrow!), I decided that I’d try to find a recipe for these decadent biscuits (since I was having a healthy soup, I figured I could splurge a bit).

Unfortunately, every recipe I found called for Bisquick™ which is something I don’t regularly buy. Luckily, I found a substitute for the boxed mix and I must say, these biscuits were fabulous! And it wasn’t any more trouble than using that boxed mix.

(I used unbleached all-purpose flour, 1% milk and fresh parsley).


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  2. I love Biscuits…Thanks for this recipe….I will try this recipe

  3. I followed the recipe to the letter and yummy. Thanks for a great new biscuit.

  4. Yes, they would be great with buttermilk too, I think Richard!

  5. Buttermilk will make the difference! Can’t wait to give these a try!

  6. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!

  7. Yummy recipe…Going to try out.

  8. I love cheese biscuits, or scones as we call them in Wales.
    I’ll try this recipe out

  9. So glad you all are enjoying the biscuits. Lack of Bisquick was my dilemma when I formulated this recipe and I’m pleased it has come in handy for others, as well!

  10. I love the Red Lobster biscuits, so I Googled a recipe for it. Every other site used Bisquick Mix, which Ididn’t have. Then I went to this site and I didn’t need Bisquick. Now I bake and eat them every Sunday. They taste just like the ones at Red Lobster. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. It is truly appreciated

  11. Here we sit, on Super Bowl Sunday 2010 and hubby decides he’s craving Biscuits like Red Lobster, except we don’t keep Bisquick in the house either. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    My 5 year old daughter and I having just printed this recipe off. Thanks again!

  12. Thanks Jen, I too saw all the recipes using Bisquick and was hoping to find a made-from-scratch version of these biscuits. I can’t wait to try them.

  13. Beautifully and apparently tasty. Thank you.

  14. amazing! i used cake/pastry flour with added baking powder and salt and it still turned out amazing! thank you. :)

  15. simply amazing!

  16. You’re welcome, Steve! – Jen

  17. Thnx for recipe, my family loves it :)

  18. Glad you’re enjoying them, Chelsea and have tweaked them to your liking. I like more garlic, too :)

  19. my boyfriend and i love these i have made them a few times.. changing it each time just a little to get what i want from them.. the first few times i made them they were too dry… so i now add more milk i make my dough sticky and i prefer them that way… i also add a bit more garlic powder to the dough because we like garlic a bit too much
    thanks for the great recipe

  20. They look absolutely gorgeous and will go so well with so many of my vegetarian recipes. I’ll be making these over the holidays.

  21. Amazing! they were easy to make and simply delicious. i wasn’t sure whether i should use salted or unsalted butter. I tried the latter and it worked out just fine so i was worried for nothing! thanks for the recipe

  22. thanks soo much for this recipe…i baked them tonight and they were awesome. We don’t have a RL in our town and I miss these great biscuits.

  23. Interesting, DampeS8N. I wouldn’t be surprised. I never buy Bisquick though, so this recipe is my “plan b” :)

  24. From what I understand, Red Lobster uses bisquick. I know this from a secret source. (A guy I know who used to work at a red lobster) haha

  25. I used to make the Bisquick version of this, but can’t wait to try these. Yum!

  26. Garden Landscape Designs

    Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! Great post, you did such a nice job presenting the pictures too…I am definitely going to have to try that recipe this weekend! Thanks.

  27. I had a craving for these biscuits too… and this recipe did the trick ;) Thanks, it wasn’t greasy at all, and probably turned out better than the way they make them at Red Lobster. It was easy and much better than using a bisquick mix!

  28. Question: In the ingredient list you say garlic powder, but in at the beginning of the instructions you say garlic salt. Was this just a typo? Or is it really supposed to be garlic salt. Please clarify. Thanks. :)
    I don’t keep garlic powder around C., so I always use garlic salt instead. I guess that’s how it ended up in the ingredient list. If you have garlic powder I would use that. If you only have garlic salt, that will work just as well. You just might want to cut down on the salt a bit to compensate.

  29. These biscuits are great, I’ve made them a few times now. I substitute buttermilk for the milk. Thanks!

  30. Oh dear, Jenny. You’re sure you added the 3 tsp. baking powder? And was your dough like a dough – not too sticky, not too crumbly?

  31. ok so Im starting to think I can’t cook :( I made these tonight and they did not turn out. They didn’t rise at all and ended up being cheddar pancakes. I followed the recipe to the letter, except it says after the initial 1/2 c milk to add until the batter is moist. Mine was moist with only the 1/2 so I didn’t add any more, would this have caused them to be so flat?

  32. great recipe it was easy, i’m a college student and all my roommates and i have to say is DANK.

  33. It’s not easier if you don’t have/buy Bisquick, “easier” … which would be the point of this recipe.

  34. just make bisquick like normal and mix in any cheese of your choice and when done brush with melted garlic butter
    : )

  35. o my goodness. i just made these and they are so fantastic!

  36. Thx for sharing the recipe. Hope i can do as you posted on this article. Thanks

  37. Using Old Bay Garlic and Herbs can be used as a sub for the garlic powder and parsley.

  38. So glad to see this recipe i have’nt been to Red Lobster in a very long time, and my cousin and i was talking about going so we could get some of those good biscuits. to stumble upon the recipe was amazing. Boo57-8

  39. very easy to bake biscuits, thanks for sharing

  40. I’m glad these were a hit for you, Lorrie. They are such a nice addition to a meal. My whole family enjoyed them too!

  41. My husband loves RL Cheddar-Bay Biscuits, when I put these on the dinner table last night he said “WOW” and ate 6 of them. My son ate 3 and wanted them for breakfast this morning. I followed the recipe to the letter and yummy. Thanks for a great new biscuit.

  42. Hi Sue, the oil comes from the “how to make mix like Bisquick” recipe. Thanks for pointing out that I missed it in the instructions. I’ve corrected it. It should be added with the cheddar cheese and milk.

  43. Tried these tonight and they were very good. I have used a recipe using Bisquick many times before and they somehow seemed lighter than this recipe. I’m wondering if it was because I realized halfway through preparing that I wasn’t sure when to put in the oil. There isn’t any oil in the Bisquick recipe so I just stirred it into the batter when I added the cheese. In any case, they turned out very good. Thanks.

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