Cheddar Biscuits (Like Red Lobster’s)

cheddar biscuits

It’s been ages since I’ve eaten at Red Lobster but the memory of those yummy Cheddar Biscuits lives on. Since I was making a hearty, healthy soup for dinner (recipe tomorrow!), I decided that I’d try to find a recipe for these decadent biscuits (since I was having a healthy soup, I figured I could splurge a bit).

Unfortunately, every recipe I found called for Bisquick™ which is something I don’t regularly buy. Luckily, I found a substitute for the boxed mix and I must say, these biscuits were fabulous! And it wasn’t any more trouble than using that boxed mix.

(I used unbleached all-purpose flour, 1% milk and fresh parsley).


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  1. just make bisquick like normal and mix in any cheese of your choice and when done brush with melted garlic butter
    : )

  2. o my goodness. i just made these and they are so fantastic!

  3. Thx for sharing the recipe. Hope i can do as you posted on this article. Thanks

  4. Using Old Bay Garlic and Herbs can be used as a sub for the garlic powder and parsley.

  5. So glad to see this recipe i have’nt been to Red Lobster in a very long time, and my cousin and i was talking about going so we could get some of those good biscuits. to stumble upon the recipe was amazing. Boo57-8

  6. very easy to bake biscuits, thanks for sharing

  7. I’m glad these were a hit for you, Lorrie. They are such a nice addition to a meal. My whole family enjoyed them too!

  8. My husband loves RL Cheddar-Bay Biscuits, when I put these on the dinner table last night he said “WOW” and ate 6 of them. My son ate 3 and wanted them for breakfast this morning. I followed the recipe to the letter and yummy. Thanks for a great new biscuit.

  9. Hi Sue, the oil comes from the “how to make mix like Bisquick” recipe. Thanks for pointing out that I missed it in the instructions. I’ve corrected it. It should be added with the cheddar cheese and milk.

  10. Tried these tonight and they were very good. I have used a recipe using Bisquick many times before and they somehow seemed lighter than this recipe. I’m wondering if it was because I realized halfway through preparing that I wasn’t sure when to put in the oil. There isn’t any oil in the Bisquick recipe so I just stirred it into the batter when I added the cheese. In any case, they turned out very good. Thanks.

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