Butter Tart Muffins


These muffins (from the Autumn 2007 LCBO Food and Drink magazine) are perfect cooler weather treats and were a bit hit with everyone who tried them. They really do taste like butter tarts! They are not supposed to look rounded and perfect, so when putting them in the pan, leave them looking messy.

LCBO Food and Drink Autumn 2007

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  1. Hello Food & Family
    I would like to give you a 5 star review! I’ve just made a batch of these and they turned out to be the best muffins I made. I’m typing one handed as eating one with my other hand as I write this! Light as a feather n really tasty. I did have to cook them for twice the time but I guess that depends on the thickness of your mixture. You advised they may not rise, mine did, not sure if it’s because I used self raising flour.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe, it’s nice to hit on a winner.

    • Thanks Diane. Glad you enjoyed them. And yes, self-raising flour has baking powder added already, so if you added the baking powder from the recipe as well, you got some extra rising power there. No worries though. Seemed to have worked out well for you. One of my favourite muffins!

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