Old Fashioned Sugar Donuts

sugar donuts

The daughter and I made doughnuts yesterday. It was something I’d wanted to try for a long time, ever since I picked up a vintage donut cutter at an auction sale. I wanted to make the old fashioned kind though, the kind my grandma would have made, without yeast – a cake donut.

I turned to the always reliable Five Roses Guide to Good Cooking for a recipe and wasn’t disappointed. They turned out exactly as I had hoped! Yummmmmy and not at all greasy.

I usually try to avoid cooking with shortening if I can, but I felt that I should stick with the recipe on this one and, it’s only 3 Tbsp. (recipe made about 2 dozen donuts). We rolled ours in a sugar/cinnamon mixture and they were divine. Best if eaten within a day of making. See more donut making tips at the end of the recipe.


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  1. I have to agree, Christine. I think these old-fashioned ones edge out the yeast ones a bit. I love the flavour, too. So glad you and your kids (and your neighbours) enjoyed them.

  2. Made these last night and widely distributed to neighbours. We used cinnamon sugar for half and an icing sugar glaze for the other half. YUM. I think I like these better than the yeast donuts even without the chocolate icing only because the dough itself has more flavour. I was glad to have your tips – I probably would have added more flour otherwise. I took the term not sticky very loosely and it became less sticky after refrigeration.
    SO AWESOME. My kids love me.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was telling my daughter about these donuts I used to make when I was young in the 70s that came from my five roses cookbook that I can`t locate. I used to make a chocolate icing and swirl the tops of the hot donuts in it and let it set. mmm,. we`ll be making them tonight. Thanks again!!
    You’re welcome, Anita. Have a great time donut making! :) – Jen

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