Salad with Candied Pecans, Pear and Goat Cheese

pear salad

I’ve never considered myself a salad lover but I was out for dinner the other night and had the most delightful salad that left me wondering why I think I’m not a salad lover. I vowed to come home and search out a recipe for a similar salad so I could enjoy it at home.

I found a similar recipe on Rose Reisman’s site, made with spinach, radicchio and brie cheese. My adaptation is mixed greens with pears, candied pecans and goat cheese. I think it’s perfectly suited to early Fall, when pears are at their best.

The dressing for this salad has a bit of everything – orange juice, mustard, honey and balsamic, but it’s perfectly suited to this salad.

Adapted from a Rose Reisman recipe. | Photo

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  2. Just made this salad for my thanksgiving dinner – its delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. :) The candied pecans were amazing!

  3. Sorry about your pecans, CF. I didn’t have a problem but I may have thrown them in before the oven was pre-heated (I do that sometimes :) I’ve edited the recipe to reflect the time could be less. Thanks!

  4. Great recipe, but 15 minutes in my oven @350 torched the pecans. Lowered it to 8 and worked much better. Might just be my oven, though.

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