Chicken Katsu


I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough chicken recipes. When it comes to mealtime, chicken is often the “meat” of choice, so a variety of ways to serve it comes in really handy. This recipe comes from Canadian Living and makes a quick and easy meal.

Katsu is a Japanese dish, similar to schnitzel, in that it is breaded, but with an Asian-inspired gravy sauce. Serve it with rice and a veg or salad or try it on a roll as a sandwich! For a change up, this recipe can be made with pork cutlets as well.

Adapted from a Canadian Living recipe | Photo

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  1. Excellent site, excellent recipes. THANKS !

  2. I always wanted to know what Katsu sauce is! Great recipe :) Plus your site is really great too!
    Thanks Krystyn – Jen

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