Pasta with Chicken, Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

This recipe incorporates a lot of my favourite things – pasta, tomatoes and of course, goat cheese. This is an interesting variation though in that the small pasta is cooked in chicken broth “risotto” style. This is a flavourful, quick and easy pasta dish that is a perfect for a dinner for two.
Try this dish with fresh thyme, oregano and basil. Just up the amount of fresh herbs to 1 Tbsp.


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  1. What a tasty dish….next time I would add small pieces of zucchini and maybe some mushrooms when you sauté the tomatoes… The pasta is fabulous when cooked in the chicken broth. Great tip which I will use with other recipes. We loved it…

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Elizabeth. Mushrooms sound like a great addition to this dish!

  3. We made this last night… VERY good! I would double the tomatoes and we added mushrooms.

  4. this is a very delicious recipe- highly recommend it!

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