Best Fudge Brownies

fudge brownies

Brownies are a personal thing. Some like them cake-like. Some like them fudge-like and some link them somewhere in between. If you are a fudge brownie lover, this recipe is for you!

Brownies are a favourite in our house. I bake them often and I’m always trying new recipes looking for the holy grail of brownie recipes. I made these this past weekend and according to my in-house taste testers (H and daughter), these are “the best”. They are definitely of the fudge brownie variety and they pack a great chocolate punch.

The only downside of these brownies is that you have to be prepared to wait for them, as they must be refrigerated for 4-6 hours before eating. These brownies require a bit of patience, but they are definitely worth it!

Adapted from a Polka Dot Cake Studio recipe | Photo

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