Trail Mix Cookies

trail mix

If you’ve got kids heading back to school, these cookies are a great addition to the lunchbag or as an after-school snack. These are chock full of fibre and are filling, tasty and filling. As an added bonus, these can be made ahead and the dough frozen and then be baked up (from frozen) whenever you’d like a few.

Of course, these are great for anyone, not just school kids, for a great snack that you don’t have to feel too guilty about.

Bonus! You can freeze the scoops of dough on a cookie sheet then transfer to a freezer bag. Bake them a couple at a time, as you like. If baking from frozen, they’ll need extra time in the oven, of course.

Adapted from a Bon Apetit September 2009 recipe

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  1. Hi Jen. Thanks for the reply. next time i will make the trailmix cookie, i will put them first in the fridge. i always have a homemade bread (white/brown)and i love making it. better than the one from the store. i will try your recipe for the fresh bread and i will let you know if i did it right.

  2. Hi Corrs, I double checked the flour and it is correct (3/4 cup all-purpose plus 1/2 cup whole wheat). I found they spread less if refrigerated first before baking.

  3. I tried the trailmix cookie and I think you didn’t put the right measurement for the flour coz my cookie just spread out and not thick. It’s a very thin cookie. nevertheless, it taste yummy.

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