Beef Bourguignon 2


I already have a beef bourguignon recipe on this site, but my Dad made this dish recently and it was really, really good! It’s a perfect Sunday meal where you can prepare the dish mid-day, let it cook all afternoon while you do something else or just relax, then pull it piping hot and lovely out the oven for dinner.

Adapted from an Autumn 2009 Food & Drink recipe | Photo

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  1. Hmmm … death by baking … there are worse ways to go ;)

  2. The crazy old oven in my apartment gets up to around 800F, so it’s perfect for making pizza. Charred to perfection in just a couple minutes. At the same time, that oven really frightens me. I’m sure it’ll explode someday. I don’t want to go out in a baking accident!

  3. I enjoyed both those breads. Will have to try the l’ancienne for pizza. I’ve been using Lahey’s pizza dough recipe for a while but always game to try something new!

  4. The Bread Baker’s Apprentice is the only one I have. The multigrain bread is a standby for me, but when I’m feeling ambitious I love the pain à l’ancienne. I often use that recipe for making pizza dough too. So good!

  5. So glad you enjoyed it, Matthew and yes, love Reinhart. Do you have his newest cookbook? I’m in love with the soft cheese bread.

  6. I’m glad to be of service! That meal was incredible. I made some garlicky mashed potatoes to go along with. I appear to have eaten far too much; don’t think I’ll be moving anytime soon.
    Also: Huzzah! You’re a Peter Reinhart fan too!

  7. Matthew, yours was easily the most wonderful and entertaining comment I have even received. I hope you have a wonderful feast of Beef Bourguignon to cap off your afternoon.
    P.S. Your money was well spent on that Dutch oven. It will last you a lifetime! :)

  8. I happened upon this recipe yesterday and decided I needed to try it but, being a poor college student, didn’t have a dutch oven. I received a birthday check in the mail for $100 this morning, so I went out and bought the dutch oven and the ingredients, put some Vic Chesnutt on the record player, cracked open a bottle of cheap dépanneur wine (I’m in Quebec and the SAQ — government-owned wine shops — weren’t open yet), and got cooking. It’s in the oven now. Now I’m going to watch Werkmeister Harmonies, get a bit tipsy, and wait for the feast to begin. Thanks for your lovely blog! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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