Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits


I’ve never had any luck with biscuits. I’ve tried a lot of recipes, searching for a great one but was always unhappy with the results. I was convinced that the problem was me and not the recipes :)

I made these biscuits (recipe from the great Peter Reinhart of Bread Baker’s Apprentice fame) tonight though and came as close as I ever have to biscuit perfection. Perhaps it’s not me after all! These are light and buttery and worth the little bit of extra effort.

Don’t panic if you peek in the oven while they’re baking and see butter running out of them. They’ll be great when they’re done and not the least bit greasy!

Adapted from a Peter Reinhart recipe | Photo

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  1. Absolutely Susie. The original recipe comes from Peter Reinhart. I adapted it so feel free to share.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Just received a phone call from the organizers of the local fair asking me to demonstrate biscuit making. Like yourself I have tried various recipes to find the perfect biscuit. I said yes, I know how it is when you are organizing things and trying to get participation. I’ll try your buttermilk recipe this week and try it at the fair. Wish me luck! Can I print a copy of your recipe and source your website to hand out?

    • I will be trying this recipe for my Sunday morn breakfast! I usually just buy the canned bisquets mostly because I’ve tried a few recipes for bisquets and my husband says YEP they’re ok. What just ok? So have been trying to find a recipe that would be close to his grandmaw’s! Call me crazy but I WILL be trying to get this right! I’m hoping this is the one, or I’m going back to the can! Lol

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