Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

I’ve had a hankering for chicken wings lately. Buffalo chicken wings to be exact. Maybe it’s the memory of that brief stop at the Anchor Bar at the Buffalo airport recently. (It was great to finally taste “the original” after all these years :)

To recreate them at home, I thought I’d try the Alton Brown recipe, which appealed to me because they aren’t fried. Not that they’re that much better for you (they are dipped in butter, after all) but because deep frying is messy and well … I hate mess. As always, Alton never disappoints. They were great!

We had several hot sauces around (including Texas Pete’s), so we did up a few wings with each hot sauce and did a blind taste test to find out which one was the best. The winner? Frank’s™ Buffalo Wing Sauce (everyone agreed!). I definitely recommend it with these wings as the result was oh-so-close to my memory of the Anchor Bar wings! Serve with carrot and celery sticks and Blue Cheese Dip (recipe below).

Adapted from an Alton Brown recipe

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