Mushroom Beef Barley Soup

beef barley

I had some leftover beef hanging around that seemed like it would be just perfect in a soup! Beef and Barley Soup is one of my favourites but I love this variation on the classic with the addition of mushrooms. It adds a whole new flavour dimension and makes for a heartier soup, as well.
As always, if mushrooms aren’t your thing, just leave them out. This soup is a great use for leftover roast beef or steak but you can also use uncooked beef.


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  1. Hi Shawn, There are some sharing buttons underneath the recipe. Especially note the last green one, which allows you to share a number of different ways. Let me know if what you’re looking for isn’t there. Thanks!

  2. I went to share this recipe with a friend of mine but could not find a “Share With” button on the page…I think this might be something that could be added to your pages…
    thanx great site…

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