Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup

thai green curry soup

I love curry and I especially love this green curry soup. There’s just something about the wonderful combination or curry, chili, lime, coconut cream, chicken and noodles. It will cure what ails ‘ya! (Or if you’re not ailing, it will just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside).

The only thing I don’t like that often comes with Thai food is cilantro. I must confess … I just don’t like cilantro. (Neither does Ina Garten apparently, so I guess I’m in good company). And mine doesn’t have any mint in it either. I just never warmed up to mint in savoury dishes. And I was out of basil. That’s why my soup is garnished with green onions, which aren’t nearly as pretty as cilantro, basil or mint, I admit. But feel free to use cilantro. mint or basil yourself, as you like. This soup will be great, no matter what.

Green Curry Chicken Soup

P.S. You can freeze the leftover coconut milk for the next time you make this soup. You can also freeze any leftover soup.

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  1. Hope you enjoy it, Tom. Thanks for the link. Interesting article! (I like arugula, for the record). I do believe it is genetic. My daughter can’t stand cilantro either.

  2. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Also, in case you haven’t seen this, an aversion to cilantro appears to be genetic: I felt so vindicated when I read that!

  3. Jen, I think you are correct that the saltiness was because of the chicken stock. I used a different brand of chicken stock than my usual for this recipe and I bet that was the problem. I won’t buy that brand again! Still, it was delicious.

  4. Thanks Janet and glad you enjoyed the soup. I think you can never go wrong with more coconut milk :) I have found the saltiness of the chicken broth can make a lot of difference in soups like this (and some contain tons!) I’ve started buying the lowest-sodium stock I can find and then adding the amount of extra salt to my taste, for this reason.

  5. This was delicious! I eat a lot of Thai food and I’m very fussy about it, but this soup was really good. The only change I made was adding a full can of coconut milk. I found it was too salty until I doubled the milk. I’ve now tried all of your Thai soup recipes and all of them were yummy. Thanks!

  6. Hi Nancy, Sure, you can omit the mushrooms. Maybe up the bell peppers a bit and perhaps add some carrot, for some texture in place of the mushrooms.

  7. Can you omit the mushrooms or will that make it not as good? DH will not tolerate mushrooms but I think this soup sounds great.

  8. So glad you enjoyed it, Ann. It’s one of my favourite soups!

  9. Made this soup yesterday & it is FANTASTIC! I’ve already had 2 people request the recipe.

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