Smoked Paprika Beef Goulash (Stew)

paprika goulash

I always seem to have beef roasts in the freezer. They are often on sale where I shop and too good a deal to pass up. I had a lovely little 2 lb. sirloin roast (that I picked up for less than $5) that needed to be used up but I wasn’t in the mood for roast beef or pot roast. And so it became goulash – a wonderfully hearty stew, flavoured with paprika and tomatoes.

Any cut of beef will work for this dish, from a roasting cut to a stewing/marinating cut. As it will be cooking low and slow in the oven for several hours, even tougher cuts with come out fork-tender. You can vary the amount/types of paprika to your taste. Smoked paprika is very easy to find anymore, in the spice section of most grocery stores. It adds a lovely depth of flavour to this dish. Note that it comes in both sweet and hot. If you can find Hungarian paprika (sweet and/or hot), that would be great, too. If not, just the regular variety will do.


I love this dish served with rustic mashed potatoes (that’s what I call skin-left-on mashed potatoes) that I add some sour cream in to. It’s also nice with buttered noodles or rice. Add a vegetable on the side and it’s a great comforting meal.

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