Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

chocolate mayonnaise cake

I saw this recipe on Epicurious recently and was immediately reminded of a story from many years ago. My aunt, who always won “Best Chocolate Cake” at the local Fall Fair, had been rumoured to put mayonnaise in her cake. She would never divulge her secret recipe but I was always intrigued by this seemingly odd addition to a chocolate cake. Since this recipe finally gave me a chance to try this idea, and it combines two of my favourite things … chocolate and cake … I decided I really needed to bake it.

It turned out to be a lovely cake and no, you can’t taste the mayonnaise! The cake was wonderfully chocolatey and moist, but also light in texture. I think that’s where the mayonnaise really comes into play. The frosting was great, too (although I wish it was a little darker in colour … maybe I’ll add a little cocoa next time). It wasn’t super sweet, which I liked, but boy … three sticks of butter. Try not to think about that when you eat it ;)

Here’s some photos of this yummy cake.



Oh, and here’s a great little layer cake tip I learned from Martha (yes, that Martha), in case you haven’t seen it before. Put some strips of parchment or waxed paper around the edge of your plate before frosting. This will keep your plate clean. Simply slide them out once you’ve finished frosting the cake and no more messy plates.


Adapted from this recipe on Epicurious

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  1. Thanks Avalee. My husband gave me one of those cake decorating wedge thingies (that make the lines in the cake) in my stocking for Christmas. This was the first time I’d tried it.
    I don’t think my H really knew what it was for. He’s has just learned that any kind of kitchen gadget always excites me :)

  2. I’ve heard of mayonaise cakes before, but I’ve never tried one before. I might have to now — yours looks great (nice job decorating :-)

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