Steamed Sticky Toffee Pudding

steamed sticky toffee pudding

kitchen_w150x125.jpg The April 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Esther of The Lilac Kitchen. She challenged everyone to make a traditional British pudding using, if possible, a very traditional British ingredient: suet.

First, I have to say that suet is not new to me. For one thing, I feed it to my birds all winter long ;) Beyond that though, I have two parents of British ancestry, so traditional Christmas Pudding (made with suet) has been on our Christmas dinner table forever (my favourite part was always the rum sauce though). Unlike some of the other Daring Bakers, cooking suet is also very easy to find around here. It can be found in most grocery stores all year round.
Despite the fact that suet was easy to find and I wasn’t wary of using it … I didn’t end up using it in my steamed pudding. In the end, it came down to whether my family would eat it up and while my husband has grown to enjoy Christmas pudding over the years, it’s April and we weren’t really in the mood. What we always enjoy though, is a good sticky toffee pudding and I couldn’t wait to try a steamed version.


It was so good! I just made a small pudding because I knew the daughter wouldn’t eat it (she’s so predictable … as soon as she heard the word “dates” she completely ruled it out as something she would ever eat :) This pudding would make a wonderful substitute for Christmas pudding or as a perfect, sweet ending to a winter meal. If you’re a fan of Sticky Toffee Pudding and haven’t tried a steamed version, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Thanks to Esther for a great challenge. I would never have known how yummy a steamed Sticky Toffee Pudding was!



If a steamed pudding isn’t your thing, I have a baked Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe here »

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  1. So it’s not just my son who is a picky eater? That’s good to know. :) Your pudding looks fantastic! That sauce looks ooey, gooey, thick. Nice job on the challenge!

  2. Thanks Kate. I loved seeing your roly-poly. What a great tin! I must look at for one on my antique hunts this summer.

  3. Yum, there is nothing like a good sticky toffee pudding, and yours looks great!

  4. Thanks so much. I have to admit it wasn’t all that pretty when I plopped it out of the bowl but it sure does dress up nicely :)

  5. WOW! Your pudding looks absolutely AMAZING!! I can’t get over how stunning it is – really excellent work!

  6. Thanks Sharon and Laura. I must try a chocolate pudding. Yours look so yummy!

  7. That is the most beautiful sticky date pudding I have ever seen! I know what you mean about picky children–I made chocolate pudding to please the kids (so popular I had to make it again!).

  8. That is the most beautiful version I’ve seen! I can practically taste the sauce…yum!

  9. Thanks Audax! I enjoyed seeing all the variations you made on the DB Forum. This was a fun challenge and I’ll definitely make more steamed puddings, too. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I have to admit that is one fabulous looking sticky toffee pudding superb effort (yes I know all about picky eaters) wonderful result it looks so shiny and glossy. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

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