Asian Style Chicken Noodle Soup

chinese chicken soup

My daughter spotted this soup in the latest issue of Fine Cooking and put in her request. The days are getting warmer (even here) but I thought there was still time to sneak in one more soup. For this soup, I decided to start with a whole chicken and make my own broth. I must confess, I don’t always do this. In fact, I rarely do it. (I also wish I did though :)

Instead, for soup, I would usually give in to the time-and-energy-saving temptation of boxed chicken broth and boneless chicken breasts. And if you want to do that with this soup too, I won’t judge :) That said though, the homemade broth was oh-so-yummy and there was enough chicken on the whole chicken (which cost only $8) for this soup and several sandwiches for lunches later in the week. So it’s yummy and economical.

This soup is a cross between Vietnamese pho and Japanese udon noodle soup. Use soft, vacuum packed udon noodles or you can substitute with any Asian style soft noodle (as opposed to the dry noodles). I used a soft asian stir-fry noodle. I also added some greens (I used baby bok choy and spinach), as well as adding the carrots into the soup instead of as a garnish. I liked mixed mushrooms in my soup, for the various flavours and textures. Use whatever kind you like.
With all the comfort of Mom’s Chicken Noodle soup, great Asian flavours, a bit of peppery heat and plenty of vegetables, you’ll feel great about eating this soup. I suggest making a big batch. It freezes well and is perfect for those times when only chicken soup will do.

Adapted From Fine Cooking March 2010 | Photo

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  1. oh,it’ great.i like recipe with pictures.people always like photo,right?
    i will try it.thanks

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