Thai Red Curry Chicken

red thai curry chicken

I love Thai curry dishes. Red, green, yellow; chicken, beef, pork, seafood. I love them all. They are also really easy to make at home and are perfect for a quick and easy dinner. The other advantage of these curry dishes is that they are great fridge cleaners, since you can put just about any odds and ends of vegetables that you have in your fridge into them, as well as being a great use for leftover chicken.

Simply stir-fry up the vegetables, add your curry paste and sauce ingredients and serve with rice for a great, fast dinner. By adjusting the amount of curry paste, you can make this dish mild (family friendly) or fiery, as you like.

This is my attempt to duplicate the take-out Thai red curry chicken I enjoy. I like to serve it in a bowl with a mound of rice on a separate plate.


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  1. Would this freeze ok? I am the only Thai fan in the house and I’d love to have it for lunches but not sure I could do an entire week of the same thing.

    • Hi Shauna, Yes, I think it would freeze just fine. I freeze leftover coconut milk all the time and it’s fine, so I don’t see any problem. Enjoy!

  2. You’re welcome, Janet:)

  3. This is delicious! Thanks so much!

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