Creamy Baked Macaroni and Cheese

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Our daughter started High School today. She wasn’t expecting it to go smoothly. She knew she’d get lost (she did, several times). She knew she’d be late for class because she got lost (she was). She feared she would forget where her locker was or what her lock combination was (she didn’t do that … phew!). She didn’t anticipate missing the bus home (but she did! :)

In anticipation of her big first day of High School, she made one request on the way out the door this morning … Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. She knew she’d need some comfort food tonight for dinner. How could I refuse that request?!

I love baked macaroni and cheese and I’ve tried many recipes over the years. I’ve often been disappointed when they come out dry. I love creamy. For the past few years, this has been my “go to” recipe. Loosely based on a Martha Stewart recipe, this delivers a creamy baked macaroni and cheese with a crunchy topping of buttered saltine crackers. It’s as close to macaroni and cheese perfection as I’ve ever been able to get.

Adapted from a Martha Stewart Recipe | Photo

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  1. Okay, never made mac & cheese before, this was my first try. I tried the tomato suggestion, but layered just a few on the bottom of the casserole with some sauteed veggie meatballs. I seasoned the cheese sauce with tarragon and a dash of seasoning salt. REALLY tasty, thanks for the good recipe.

  2. Great idea Jenn! I love the combination of cheese and tomatoes. I used to put it in Kraft Dinner when I made it for the kids to make it more palatable for me ;)

  3. I do a very similar mac and cheese to this one, except I throw in a large can of diced tomatoes. I just stir them into the already made cheese sauce and they heat through in the oven. It gives the sauce a nice rosy colour and it’s really tasty! Added nutrients too!

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