Macaroon Madness Bars

macaroon madness bars

I don’t imagine there are too many Canadians that haven’t heard of or tried M & M’s Macaroon Madness Bars. I love those things and have had many, many tried a few over the years myself.

I had a hankering for some this past weekend and thought I’d try to find a recipe to make them myself. I found several different recipes. The most common one included butterscotch chips. I didn’t think my vision of these bars included butterscotch chips though. Another one contained a lot of corn syrup. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. The one I finally settled on trying contained sweetened condensed milk. I figured anything with sweetened condensed milk just had to be good, right?!

These bars are best (and much easier to cut) after an overnight in the fridge and I did that, so it was a while before I got my first taste. Hmmmm. Mmmmmm. Not exactly like the M & M’s ones but really, really good just the same. I think the base is a bit different and the filling is thicker and gooier (I have no idea how to spell that word!) but thicker and gooier isn’t a bad thing by any means! They were a big hit with H and daughter too, who are eating their way through the 9×13 pan as I type!

So, if you’re a fan, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in these. While not exactly a “clone” version, they are every bit as sinful satisfying and I’m sure would be enjoyed by your family too, or make a great addition to any “sweets” table (if you can bear to part with them).

Adapted from a Group Recipes recipe

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  1. Thanks Lisa. It really does dress them up. (They weren’t particularly attractive without it :)

  2. Those look incredible. I especially love the decoration on top. It makes them look extra appealing.

  3. They really are good, Shelley and you’re ahead of the game if you already have the caramel!

  4. I love macaroons and these look yummy! Wish I could reach into your photo and grab one. Lucky, I have some leftover caramel in the fridge so I think I’m going to give these a whirl. Thanks for sharing!

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