Double-baked Crisps (Clone-of-Raincoast)


I made the most wonderful edible discovery a few days ago. I stumbled upon a recipe for a clone of raincoast crisps™. (You know those addicting but pricey crackers that come in those pretty little boxes and are wonderful with cheese or spreads of any sort?).

Since then, I have made two varieties and enjoyed them with baked brie and baked goat cheese and aged cheddar and cream cheese (what can I say … it’s the holidays! :)

If you doing any entertaining in the next little while you might want to consider adding these to your menu. They are really easy to make, your friends and family will be impressed and they are seriously great. (And only 30 calories per cracker and low in fat!) Of course, they are also great just to keep in the freezer to bake off and enjoy yourself anytime!

Crisp with Gruyere and Red Pepper Jelly

Using this recipe, you can make Rosemary Raisin Pecan Crisps, Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps, Fig Walnut Crisps or Date Almond Crisps, just by swapping out the fruit and nuts accordingly.

These are best on the day they are double-baked, but will keep for longer in an airtight tin (they just get a bit chewier as days go on). It’s probably best to keep the baked loaves in the freezer and slice and second-bake them as needed (just add a minute or two to the baking time if from frozen).

Adapted from and all credit to Julie for the original recipe. Fig and Walnut variation adapted from Seven Spoons.

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  1. I boost the seeds/nuts/ fresh herbs plus a pinch of cinnamon to up the flavor. I also find clover honey is too mild…basswood honey is nicer, and I will try adding barley malt to darken the bread as well.

    PS Costco has a version called Diva’s delightful crisps of comparable quality to Raincoast.

  2. I just loved them, Tina. I keep a loaf in the freezer to cut (frozen) and bake up in small batches so we can enjoy them often.

  3. Thanks for posting this recipe!!! I’m a huge fan of these crackers, but they’re so expensive… now I can make my own :)

  4. Sounds yummy, loreta! Let me know how they turn out.

  5. thanks so much for schering this recipes, i will try them all. I think for the recipe with dates-almonds i will substitude 2c. of flour to 1 1/3c of flour and 2/3c of oats. I see if it works. Let you knou. thanks.

  6. How wonderful does that recipe sound! I love those crackers, but they are so expensive to buy in the store. I’m excited to try making them myself. :)Thanks for sharing!

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