Faux Phõ. Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup


I don’t know about you, but after many several days of over-indulgence, I was in the mood for something fresh and clean for dinner that didn’t involve carbs or cheese :) Since I had some left-over prime rib from Christmas Eve dinner, I envisioned a wonderful bowl of beef Pho.

Classic Pho, of course, is made from a long-simmered, spiced beef broth that is poured over cooked rice noodles and thinly sliced raw beef. The heat of the broth cooks the beef. Since my beef was already cooked and I was too low on energy today for that long simmering thing, I opted for this Faux Pho – a quick and easy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, that was really tasty and definitely hit the spot!

P.S. You can pick up the spices in small quantities at any Bulk Barn in Canada. I love Bulk Barn :)

Adapted from a Fine Cooking and a Canadian Living recipe

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