Indian Rub Grilled Chicken with Coconut Rice

indian chicken

I have to confess, I have a lot of cookbooks. I love cookbooks. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that some of them get neglected. So this week I decided to pick a “cookbook of the week” and find a thing or two from cook from it. This week’s cookbook is “Who’s Coming for Dinner” by Jeffrey Suddaby.

I’d forgotten how wonderful this cookbook is. The recipes are so creative and flavourful but at the same time, simple and accessible. Like this one. Grilled chicken … with a twist. Rice … with a twist. And a bit of something different on a dinner plate … bananas! This was a great dinner. Different … but not so different that it wasn’t family-friendly. Picky teenage daughter cleaned her plate! And since it’s BBQ season, it was great to be able to cook it up on the grill.

If you’d like to speed up the process, you can pre-cook the bone-in chicken breasts a bit in the oven or microwave, so they’ll spend less time on the grill (do this before adding the rub, then add the rub before placing on the grill).
You could also grill the bananas if you like. Just leave the peel on the banana and cut in half length-wise. Sprinkle cut side with sugar and cinnamon and place on the grill cut side down (be sure grill is well oiled so they don’t stick).

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  1. We really enjoyed this. It seems like a long ingredient list but it was simple to put together. Very tasty!

  2. I am always in search of new chicken recipes, this one looks amazing.

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