No Bake Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar

cherry cheesecake in a jar

I saw this idea recently on another food blog and thought they were so cute. I wasn’t a fan of the cheesecake recipe offered though, so I thought I’d substitute in my favourite. I decided to document it here for anyone else who might like an alternative option.

Not only are these desserts really cute, they are actually very practical. They are perfect for lunch-boxes or for special gifts or treats for someone special. They would be great for picnics, too. Me, I love the portion size (saves me from over-indulging!)

This is my favourite no bake cheesecake recipe. As it is not baked, this cheesecake is not the firm, velvety type of cheesecake but more a smooth, creamy and lightly firm pudding. It’s very refreshing and light. And of course, easy, since there is no baking required.

Once made, you can keep these in the fridge or freeze them to enjoy over time.

Cheesecake recipe adapted from Joy of Baking

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  2. Same Donna. I think my mom made a lot of these as well because when I eat it, I get that comforting, nostalgic feeling :)

  3. My mom used to make a similar recipe in a pan, but being such a huge fan I could eat the whole pan! The jar idea is wonderful!!

  4. I had plans of freezing some too, Pat but they were so popular, they were all gone in two days! Next time :) Hope you enjoy them.

  5. This looks absolutely delightful. Can’t wait till fill the freezer with some of these treasures.

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