St. Louis Country Style Pork Chops

st louis pork

120-issue-139-135x172.jpg If you’re a lover of BBQ, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest issue of Saveur. It’s chock full of great BBQ recipes. This recipe is from the BBQ issue, although it’s not actually cooked on the BBQ (but could be, as suggested below). It’s definitely BBQ in flavour though.

The original recipe suggests country style pork ribs or pork steaks. As I had a package of thick pork chops on hand, I went with those. I also didn’t have the ancho chili powder. Truth be told, I don’t even know if it’s available in these parts. If you’re in a larger urban centre, it’s probably much easier to find. I went with Chipotle Chili powder, which is available easily in the spice section in this area. I used the same measurement as specified and ended up with a nice level of spice. If cooking for kids or those who don’t like spice, I’d reduce the chipotle chili powder a bit. I suspect you could go with plain old chili powder or any other chili seasoning mix for this.7-SAV139-StLouisCountryRibs-400x566.jpg

The results were great and wonderfully easy. The sauce was rich and flavourful with a perfect amount of heat for us, from the chipotle chili powder. I served it with a salad but kept thinking how great it would be in the colder months with some mashed potatoes on the side. Definitely a recipe I’ll be putting into regular rotation. I think it would also be great for a summer entertaining event as it would be easy to make up a large pan for a crowd.

Recipe adapted from Saveur. Photo of dish in pan with fork © Todd Coleman via Saveur.

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