Chopped Salad with Cranberries, Pecans, Bacon and Goat Cheese

autumn salad

I spotted the recipe yesterday at Espresso and Cream and having all the ingredients on hand (and no real plan for dinner), put it on the menu for last night.
This salad was awesome! It makes great use of the fresh, local and ripe pears at the market right now, and the combination of flavours was a real hit. The bacon adds great crunch and flavour and combines so well with the fruits and cheese. I think this salad would be a great addition for a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, as the toppings make this salad hearty enough for those cooler weather meals.

I could have eaten just this salad for dinner and been perfectly happy. Hubby, as usual, seems to need a chunk of protein on the plate in order to call it “dinner”, so I served it with some pan-grilled salmon. It would be lovely with chicken, fish or any plain meat (or on it’s own, of course).

There are lots of ways to adapt this salad to what you have around. I loved the combination of pecans and goat cheese with the pear, bacon and cranberry, but almonds or walnuts would be just as nice, or try feta, blue, Gorgonzola cheese instead of the goat. I really wouldn’t skip the bacon in this, as the flavour combination is so nice and it adds a little heartiness to this Fall-style salad. (This salad would also be great with other lettuces, such as mesclun, spring mix or spinach/arugula).

Adapted from Espresso and Cream | Photo

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