Stir Fried Thai Style Noodles

stir fry noodles

There is just something so satisfying about sitting down to a big plate of noodles. It’s always popular in my household and is in regular rotation for those days when I just want a quick and fuss-free dinner. (This can be on the table in about 20 minutes!)

This recipe is a little loose because it is so adaptable to whatever vegetables or meat you like. I keep a supply of Hokkein noodles in the pantry and then clean out my fridge of odds and ends of vegetables and add some chicken, pork or beef. (This is a great recipe to use up that single chicken breast or pork chop that somehow was leftover!)

In case you’re not familiar with Hokkein noodles, they are Asian egg noodles that are sold either fresh or soft in small, vacuum-packed packages. Check the Asian noodle section of your local supermarket and you’re likely to find them. They are worth seeking out as they can be added to this dish without pre-cooking, which is a great time saver. Alternately, you can use any kind of Asian-style noodle or even spaghetti noodles (try whole-wheat ones for a really healthy noodle bowl). If you use any sort of dried noodle, you will have to pre-cook them per the package directions before adding to the stir fry.


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  1. Thanks Debby. I missed sharing :)
    So glad you enjoyed them, Gertrude. I had several pieces of that pie this past weekend and it’s still my favourite!

  2. Gertrude Stapleton

    Tried your Pumpkin pie recipe for thanksgiving day,couldn’t believe pumpkin pie could be so delicious.had some pumpkin left over so i made your pumpkin muffins. delicious. thank you for posting so many great recipes.

  3. Yeah, you’re back!! I missed your recipes!

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