Italian Pot Roast

Italian Pot Roast

I’m late in life discovering to wonders of pot roast. For some reason, we just never had it growing up and so I guess it never occurred to me to make it for my family when they were growing up, either. Truth be told, we don’t eat a lot of beef and when I do buy a beef roast I tend to just, well … roast it.
Like a good roast of beef though, I’ve discovered that pot roast is great comfort food and I’ve been enjoying putting a pot on and letting it cook all afternoon. It makes my house smell wonderful! After a few hours in the oven, I am rewarded with fork-tender beef and a wonderful gravy to spoon over it. Of course, a big mound of mashed potatoes is a must for me.
This particular pot roast was on the menu last weekend. It features the addition of crushed tomatoes to the beef stock to make a rich tomato/beef gravy. This pot roast with it’s Italian flavours would be great with polenta, as well. We enjoyed it with creamy mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables.

Adapted from this Tasty Kitchen Recipe | Photo

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  1. Id like to slow cook this one, but I’ve never slow cooked a pot roast before. Do I still saute the beginning ingredients before I put them in the slow cooker, or do I put them in raw? And I’m guessing I should rotate the roast a couple times throughout the process, just like I would do if it were being made in the oven?

    • Hi Francesca, Yes, I would sear the meat on the stove top, then saute the onion garlic. Then put it all in your slow cooker and cook on low for 6-8 hours.

  2. So glad you liked it, Erin. It was a big hit in my house, as well. I loved the addition of the tomatoes. A nice change from the usual gravy.

  3. OMG tried in the slowcooker (about 7.5 hrs did the trick on low) and it was fabulous. I used fresh rosemary and thyme and strained the sauce before I served it. An absolute hit in our house. :) Thanks!

  4. Hi Rob, I think your roasting pan with lid will work just fine. You really only need something that is oven-safe and big enough, that can be covered (even with tin foil) so that you get that low-simmering steaming process happening. It may be a thinner pan though, so you may need to reduce the heat a bit when it’s in the oven. (Just keep the temperature to where the liquid is just simmering)
    Here’s picture of a Dutch oven – really just a heavy pot (usually enamel covered cast iron). It’s a nice addition to a kitchen. I use mine a lot. But certainly not necessary.

  5. I don’t have a dutch oven, not even sure what it is. I don’t have a slow cooker either. Very minimalist kitchen. Whenever I have braised meats, I use a roasting pan with lid. Is this a satisfactory substitute, or would you recommend some other application?

  6. Absolutely, Erin. It would work perfectly in the slow cooker. I’d try High for 3 to 4 hours or Low for 8 to 9 hours.

  7. This looks absolutely amazing! Do you think I could do it in the slowcooker?

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