Bean with Bacon Soup

Bean with Bacon Soup

It’s soup week here at Food and Whine. No. Not really. It just seems that way :) Actually, it’s just January in Ontario, so just about every day is a good soup day it seems.

I have always been a fan of Campbell’s™ Bean with Bacon Soup but I didn’t set out to try to replicate it. I really just thought I should probably be eating more beans. That said, I was pleasantly surprised how close this soup ended up to the flavours of the canned version. No, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s definitely in the neighbourhood.

This is a bit of a loose recipe, mainly because I made it up as I went along. There are plenty of options for tweaking the soup to your taste. I used canned beans for my soup because I was feeling lazy today. Certainly you could start with dried beans and soak according to the package directions. Simply add the beans at the same time in the recipe.

I loved the convenience of using canned beans and the texture was actually quite lovely in the soup. Just be sure to rinse the canned beans really well before adding to the soup. By using canned beans, the soup was ready in just about an hour, which makes it great for a hearty but quick weeknight meal.


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  1. Thanks Kyleen. It was really good and perfect for winter comfort food.

  2. Beans and bacon–there’s nothing better than that (except maybe chocolate and peanut butter). This soup looks so delicious!

  3. I usually simmer the hocks in just plain water on low heat for a while (then use that as the stock) because then they really get tender and you can actually get some decent meat off the bones to throw in the soup but I bet it would be good either way. I’m a junkie for smoked pork flavor so any way sounds good to me!
    And since were in confession…I love the Italian Wedding too!!!

  4. Hi Jennie, I was thinking a ham hock would have been good to have around when I made this soup but I didn’t have any. Are you thinking you’d put it in with the chicken stock or are you thinking of making a ham stock from them?
    (P.S. I love the canned Bean with Bacon, Jennie. And their Italian Wedding too, now that I’m confessing ;)

  5. What a great idea! I’ve been on a major soup kick lately and I loved the canned bean with bacon growing up! (Don’t be hatin’ all you canned soup haters…some stuff just happens to be good, even if it’s from a can).
    I actually snatched up a bunch of ham hocks super cheap after the new year and threw them in the freezer….looks like I’ll have a use for them soon!
    Thanks for posting!

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