Coconut Cream Pie

coconut cream pie

My Mom was (and still is) a great baker. She makes a pie crust that is, bar none, the best and flakiest pie crust I have ever eaten. She can decorate a cake like a pro. That said, for some reason, every Lemon Meringue and Coconut Cream pie she has ever made was made with a little box of powder. When I was younger, I just thought that was how it had to be made.

Since then, I have actually made a lemon meringue pie. With real lemons. And now, I’ve made a coconut cream pie from scratch as well.

This pie is divine. Assuming you like coconut, of course. I do and I am having a hard time exercising restraint with it in the house. I made mine with half and half and full-fat coconut milk and it was perfectly sinful. If you’d like it a little lighter, try whole milk and lite coconut milk. The pie will be a little less creamy-tasting but the texture will be just fine.


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  1. This pie is gorgeous! That thick layer of cream and all that toasted coconut on top… so mouthwatering.

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